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President’s Message

Dear friends and colleagues!
I am pleased to greet you!

Nalogin Dmitry
 Lighting Technologies IGC

Lighting Technologies is a large Russian company! For today we are a leading company on the market of lighting of Russia and CIS. Our aim is not only keeping this position on the market but also increase our presence on the markets of Europe, India, Northern Africa and Middle East.

Following the world’s best practices, understanding of the market, extensive industrial experience and most up-to-date technologies used in the manufacturing of our lighting, allows us to keep prospering and making us able to serve the needs of our clients on the highest level. We are delighted to be the one domestic manufacturer to be proud of.

From the very moment of establishment of our company in the year 1998 we keep permanently investing in the innovation of the technologies and educating of our employees. Our strategy is to manufacture only quality lighting basing on the high technical level. We stay alert for all the newest and best world’s practices, closely follow the branch development, which allows us to create new complex lighting solutions using the most effective manufacturing technologies, most recent electronics, best materials and components.

At the moment we own three manufacturing units – in Russia, Ukraine and Spain. Our future plans are to establish a manufacturing unit in India.

Good lighting equipment may be considered a good one only when it gives us the light of the required quality, in the required quantity and in the certain direction. We can surely claim that our luminaires are on the same level as the best world’s samples of lighting. That can be proved by the certificates issued by the accredited certification laboratory KEMA Quality.   

Being legit to use the ENEC mark on our lighting makes our company one of the first lighting manufacturers with proved quality level on the European market.

Our key advantage is our wide assortment, which consist of 2 500 modification of the lighting created using a wide variety of light sources. Lighting Technologies manufactures luminaires for a wide range of application: office, industrial, trade, special purposes and emergency lighting as well as floodlights and outdoor lighting. We are able to offer a comprehensive solution considering all the needs for any modern administrative or industrial facility. Furthermore our assortment includes a number of unique luminaires, which has no any other manufacturer in Russia. We fill the world with light and lead Russian society on the path of innovation. We desire to see the following generation living and working in a healthy and bright world. That is why we always remember about our environmental responsibilities. We also see one of our key targets is in establishing and development of the national engineering school in the branch of technical lighting, effectiveness and energy saving in Russia. We see that future comes with the LED technologies in lighting, which makes us focusing on the development in this direction. Amongst our suppliers are the world leading manufacturers of LED. 

We bring light to our clients through a wide chain of our distributors and dealers, which are the largest electrical and lighting companies of Russia, CIS and Europe. Our partners are liable and dynamically developing electro technical organizations. Guarantee of our successful development lies not only on the careful selection of the partners but also on the constant increase of the quality requirements we establish to our own work.     
We focus on the people whose eyes are full with passion for work they do. That is why we are always looking for the really strong and talented employees.

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