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Distribution policy

General Principles

The main principle of product realization and promotion on markets is operating via a distribution network. Our distributors are established (net and regional) electrical trade organizations working with Lighting Technologies on a constant basis. 

Companies with a distributor status obtain certain (stipulated) conditions according to their status. Such long-term customers have a number of obligations to a supplier, in their turn. Such obligations concern both sales (turnover) and product promotion and branding (showroom arranging, planned information workshops, other events). 

Lighting Technologies does not supply products to luminaire end users or non-recurring customers, except in special cases, such as exclusive requests (by government institutions) or certain product types requiring special promotion and marketing techniques. The company is ready to help such customers as far as information is concerned (when choosing among products) while transferring all commercial supply and delivery issues to distributors of a customer’s choice. 

Non-recurring customers of Lighting Technologies shall arrange all supply and delivery terms (price, time, potential discounts) with the chosen distributor. You can find a list of our long-term partners at the respective section on the company’s web site. 

The issue of granting the Distributor status directly depends on the possibilities of a certain company to meet our requirements for long-term partners and a number of factors which can influence our decision to grant such status (company region, business area, customer type, type of the product in question, etc.) This decision may be made by Lighting Technologies Sales Department management on a case-by-case basis only.

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