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Project: Multifunctional center MARI

17 August 2015 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova
Lighting Technologies
Lighting Technologies
Lighting Technologies

Brief description of the facility: MFC Mari is a new grand project in the South-East Municipal District of Moscow combining the cultural and sport center, social and business center, shopping and entertainment center. The area of 135,000 sq.m. for shopping, entertainment, sport, cultural and leisure activities is under the same roof. The building is designed as a circle consisting of nine sectors with different number of floors which are integrated with the atrium and common façade.

Task: According to the project of the Polish design office, it was necessary to develop about fifteen new modifications of luminaries for trade and decorative lighting. Along with that the task is selection of luminaires and lighting equipment for all visual areas of the complex.

Luminaires used: SAFARI DL LED, HOOP, HB LED, LED strip FLEX LINE, etc.

The result: Over 90 % of the installed lighting equipment made by Lighting Technologies. New models are designed with regard to all requirements and fit well into the visual concept of the center. 13 km of the LED strip was used for lighting. We offered the solutions to the customer that allowed to save about 25 % of the lighting equipment cost originally proposed by the polish designers.

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