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LINER/S LED CF Suspended light lines


Color Fusion (CF) series linear LED-based luminaires with adjustable color temperature. Color temperature is adjusted within 2800 to 5800 K range by the lighting control system according to pre-programmed lighting scenarios. Besides saving power, the color temperature adjustment capability can have a beneficial impact on human performance, mood, and well-being.

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Mounted on the ceiling surface using the included wire-rope suspensions (max. 2 m). LINER/S LED 1200 CF luminaires are designed to be connected in-line. For in-line connection, an end cap kit needs to be ordered that includes 2 end caps and the associated fasteners. Order code for the end cap kit: 2471000090. Changing color temperature of luminaires is available only with lighting control system. The control components are in the Accessories.


Metallic powder-painted aluminium profile housing. White color.

Optical part

Opal PMMA diffuser. LED type: SMD.

Lamp Type



  • Cultural and entertainment facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • HoReCa / hotels / restaurants / cafes
  • Hypermarkets-/supermarkets
  • Mall
  • Medical institutions
  • Office and administrative premises
  • Stadiums
  • Stores / boutiques


  • 230
  • I
  • IP20
  • IK02/0,2 J
  • Clm App4
  • +5 to +35

Models list

Decoding messages
Title Luminous flux Power Capability lm/W Length Width Weight Article no.
LINER/S LED 1200 CF 2360 lm 27 W 87 1140 mm 105 mm 4.400 kg 1473000290
LINER/S LED 1200 CF /E/ 2360 lm 27 W 87 1140 mm 105 mm 4.400 kg 1997021190
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LINER/S LED 1200 W CF HFR ME6 Planned date of elimination: 10.07.2017 2360 lm 27 W 87 1140 mm 105 mm 4.900 kg 1473000390
Title Amount Luminaire Code Weight, kg
End cup set LINER/S DR, LR W End cup set LINER/S DR, LR W Amount:1 Luminaire Code:2471000090 Weight, kg:0.55
End cup set LINER/S DR, LR S End cup set LINER/S DR, LR S Amount:1 Luminaire Code:2471000100 Weight, kg:0.55
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