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Storage complex 'Adamant -1'

High-tech storage complex is located in the southern part of St. Petersburg. The complex has all the necessary infrastructure for storage and transportation of goods and meets the highest standards of quality. Engineering infrastructure of the storage complex includes modern ventilation and conditioning systems; water, heat and electricity supply; fire safety, as well as lighting. Among the tenants - large chain retailers of cosmetics, clothes, food, in particular, such brands as 'Rive Gauche' and Frujet. It was necessary to offer the energy-efficient LED lamps. We prepared a feasibility study for the selection of equipment in compliance with all standards of illumination for different areas. • In refrigerated shelf storage areas with high ceilings was set HB LED 76 D30 (suspension height - 10 m, Lighting - 150 lux). • In the sorting area - HB LED lamp 76 D64 (suspension height - 6-8 m, Lighting - 300 lux). • In the area of loading / unloading - HB LED lamp 76 D100 (suspension height - 6 m, Lighting - 150 lux). • In the area of 'Rive Gauche' for general lighting - HB LED 76 D64 (suspension height - 12.6 m, Lighting - 200 lux), lighting shelf space - HB LED 76 D30. LED lamps of the trademark 'Lighting Technologies' are set in most of the storage space.

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